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  • Transportation support for the construction of facilities in the Arctic;
  • Cargo reception at terminals in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions for shipment by sea to the Arctic;
  • Organization of shipment by sea to construction sites in the Arctic;
  • Provision of mobile stevedore teams to work in unequipped port stations in the Arctic;
  • Provision of mobile teams of workers of the main production specialties;
  • Multimodal transportation in the Russian Arctic;
  • Terminal handling and export to the Arctic of over dimensional and heavy cargos;
  • Affreightment of the ice class fleet with unloading on unimproved port facilities; on fast ice; transfer one’s cargo from a large vessel into a small ones while passing through a shallow body of water by the means of raid delivery
  • Ship's agency services in the ports of the Russian Arctic